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Get answers to common questions and expert tips about home remodeling and addition building on our blog.

How to Take the Stress Out of Your Home Remodel

by Thomas Buckborough | October 16, 2018 | Whole Home Remodel

If you’re preparing for a major home remodel, then a bit of stress is probably on your horizon. Remodeling is a major process, and while not all stress is avoidable, there are ways to reduce the headache that comes with redoing your home. Here’s how to take the stress out of your home remodel....

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3 Reasons Not to Select a Remodeling Company Based Only on Price

by Thomas Buckborough | October 4, 2018 | Whole Home Remodel

You’ve decided to partner with a remodeling company for your home’s next project—excellent decision! A professional remodeling company can help you in all facets of your remodel, from planning to execution. Don’t be fooled, though. Choosing a low-budget remodeling company may seem like a good idea at first, but it can definitely hurt you in the long run. Here are three reasons your choice of remodeling company shouldn’t come down to price....

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The Home Remodeling Process: Design and Build Edition

by Thomas Buckborough | September 19, 2018 | Additions, Whole Home Remodel

Taking a sledgehammer to your cabinets may seem like a good idea, but on second thought, you might want to leave remodeling to the pros. If you live in the greater Boston area and are considering a home remodel, consider working with the remodeling professionals at Thomas Buckborough and Associates. We’ve got the home remodeling process down to a science. Check it out for yourself!...

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How to Modernize an Older Home Without Losing Character

by Thomas Buckborough | September 6, 2018 | Whole Home Remodel

Don’t sacrifice the charm and uniqueness of your home with a sterile, cookie-cutter renovation. Learn how to get the best of old and new with these tips to modernize your older home without losing its character. Then, you’ll be ready to get started with your home remodeling project....

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Things to Consider Before Building an Addition

by Thomas Buckborough | August 12, 2016 | Additions

When first considering to build an addition there are many big picture things to think about, from architectural considerations to regulatory items. Here’s a summary of things that should be on your considerations checklist....

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About Straightforward Excellence & Thomas Buckborough

by Thomas Buckborough | July 26, 2016

The concept of Straightforward Excellence is not a new one in our company. I’ve often heard from clients that they aren’t sure if we’re a good fit as our work looks “too big” and they want to emphasize that they have “basic” tastes and aren’t looking for anything fancy....

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Getting Started with Remodeling Your Home

by Thomas Buckborough | June 22, 2016 | Whole Home Remodel

Deciding to remodel your home can be a major life decision. Good design and project planning can often make the difference between a mediocre and a great remodel. Doing your homework upfront will help you, your designer, and/or your contractor to zero-in on what will deliver the best value to you and your family. By understanding what your functional needs are for comfortable day-to-day living and your aesthetic tastes, you will have the foundation for creating a satisfying enjoyable space that will enrich your life and delight you whenever you come home....

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What is a Super Kitchen?

by Thomas Buckborough | May 19, 2016 | Kitchens

Recently, the term “Super Kitchens” has become popular in design articles. At first, it makes one think of an extra fancy kitchen designs that you only see in architecture magazines. However, that’s not really what the term is referring to. It really refers to a much more homegrown kind of trend, which refers to how kitchens are being used by people these days....

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Sensible Ideas for Great Remodeling Projects

Additions and renovations can wonderfully transform the way an entire part of a home works, feels, and looks, or they can just sit there looking conspicuous and clunky. A great remodeling project blends with the existing home and subtly enhances the whole. Of course there are instances where rules and guidelines can be strayed from, but for the most part these are sensible ideas to keep in mind....

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Cost v. Value – Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Get Practical advice on the debate to sell or remodel your home   Most people considering major additions or remodeling weigh the difference between staying in their home and the alternative of selling their home and buying up. This home debate isn’t simple. I’ve had many conversations with clients over the years and want to share a few tools/points to help in deciding whether to stay or go....

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